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About us


This is a family owned and operated business.

I started this business because I love helping people.  I found joy in being able to assist someone in their time of need.

Too many times I heard the people that I care about say that they wished that they could just find someone that they could trust to do this job or that.  I was always willing to help, but was limited on the time I had available.  So after many years of helping friends and family when I had the time, my family and I decided to take a risk and start this business of helping people full time.  

So consider me the friend that you can call on when you need a hand.

I'm honest and organized.  I'm ethical and dependable.



From a young age I have been gaining experience with building and repair work.  I have helped build homes from the ground up.  I have performed maintenance at a resort hotel, an apartment complex, commercial buildings, and homes including rental properties.



If you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, Dan can look in on your home to ensure that it does not sit empty without someone checking to make sure that all is in order.  Dan is a man that you can trust.


Dan has experience in numerous small home projects, some of those projects include:

-Installation of ceiling fans and lights and the remove old ones. 

-Installation of electronic doorbells and cameras, such as Ring.

-Installation of smoke alarms.

-Replacement of doors.

-Shower repair.

-Cabinet/handle repair.

-Valance and curtain installation.

-Window Replacement

-Plumbing problems

-HVAC filter replacement

-Shelf installation


Dan also has experience in working on many vehicles.  Dan can perform minor maintenance or repair on most vehicles, such as:

-Oil changes

-Brake replacement

-Tire rotation

-Headlight replacement 


"He did a wonderful job creating a valence for a window. I highly recommend him." - Julie D.

"We are very pleased! It performs just like it should.  Dan succeeded where others couldn't."

Susan W.

"We are so grateful for Dan's help! He is so kind and we can trust him completely."

Pam H.


If you could use a hand getting a project done, contact Dan.  Dan will meet you on site to determine the best way to complete the job, even if he can't do it.  He will always give you an honest opinion.

Call or text 623-526-7799



What does he charge?

He does not charge for an evaluation.  Don't hesitate to have him come out and take a look at the job that you would like to have done.  Jobs can be figured by an hourly rate or by the job agreement.

Below are some before and after photos

Curtains on the back patio sure do make for a beautiful extended living space.